Providing a clear view of technology and process

for the hard disk drive and high tech businesses.

“In the business of mergers and acquisitions, knowledge is power. Without knowledgeable, in-depth fact finding and acute analysis, costly mistakes can be made and opportunities missed. Peter Goglia’s extensive experience in and unmatched knowledge of the HDD business will give you the competitive edge and security behind your decisions”

Services Provided:

Technology Risks:  Asses technology viability for start-ups, divestitures, IPOs, mergers, acquisitions. What are the biggest risks in executing a technology merger or acquisition?

–          Will the technology work?

–          What IP exists and is it encumbered?  Portfolio strength, gaps and risks.

Advanced market modeling: Use your market understanding together with advanced modeling to quantify the market potential

–          Formulate market models

–          Determine best case, likely case and worst case growth

–          Quantified results through Monte Carlo modeling

HDD Technology Trends:  Assessment / Technology Roadmaps / Process Roadmaps

–          Technology trends, transitions and impact on areal density growth

–          Component and Drive process and test technology roadmaps

–          Research and development goals based on market and technology opportunities

HDD Technology Research Management:

–          Define internal research vs. external research goals

–          University project definition and management

–          External research contract definition and management

HDD design and process improvement: Performance optimization and yield improvement.

–          Relation between design, performance and yield

–          Trade-off analysis between heads, media and drive

–          Yield improvement plans

HDD Technology Expert Witness:

–          HDD design and test

–          HDD Component design and test

–          High tech electro/mechanical design

Dr. Goglia’s Publications:  Click Here


Holder of four patents related to active fly control, air bearing design, recording head processing, calibration standards for flying height test and micro-actuators.


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