VeriTekk: Truth in Technology

Providing a clear view of technology and process for the hard disk drive and high tech businesses

Technology Risks:  Asses technology viability for start-ups, divestitures, IPOs, mergers, acquisitions. What are the biggest risks in executing a technology merger or acquisition?

–          Will the technology work?

–          What IP exists and is it encumbered?  Portfolio strength, gaps and risks.

Advanced market modeling: Use your market understanding together with advanced modeling to quantify the market potential

–          Formulate market models

–          Determine best case, likely case and worst case growth

–          Quantified results through Monte Carlo modeling

HDD Technology Trends:  Assessment / Technology Roadmaps / Process Roadmaps

–          Technology trends, transitions and impact on areal density growth

–          Component and Drive process and test technology roadmaps

–          Research and development goals based on market and technology opportunities

HDD Technology Research Management:

–          Define internal research vs. external research goals

–          University project definition and management

–          External research contract definition and management

HDD design and process improvement: Performance optimization and yield improvement.

–          Relation between design, performance and yield

–          Trade-off analysis between heads, media and drive

–          Yield improvement plans

HDD Technology Expert Witness:

–          HDD design and test

–          HDD Component design and test

–          High tech electro/mechanical design

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Holder of four patents related to active fly control, air bearing design, recording head processing, calibration standards for flying height test and micro-actuators.


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